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What are the precautions for disinfection of swimming pool water?
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When disinfectant is added to the swimming pool, it will also volatilize while killing bacteria, that is, the concentration will continue to decline. Therefore, in order to keep the residual chlorine of swimming pool up to the national standard during the open time, it is necessary to use the dosing equipment to continuously supplement it.

But now our swimming pool is basically manual dosing, so the general practice is to increase the dosage before opening up, so that the residual chlorine concentration at the beginning is slightly higher, and then gradually decreased. But please note that the residual chlorine concentration should not exceed 1.0 mg/L, because too high residual chlorine will make swimmers feel uncomfortable. In addition, it is better to decide whether to add drugs in the midway according to the actual situation.

Weekly impact treatment should be carried out in the evening (bacteria and viruses will be adaptable when a certain low concentration is maintained for a long time, when excessive disinfectants are put in, the residual chlorine in water will be 2-3 times higher than that in general, fully disinfected once).

Only by maintaining a stable residual chlorine concentration can it kill bacteria and algae better. If the index is properly controlled, many sudden problems of water quality will be avoided. So for venues, it is not necessary to adopt emergency treatment because of deterioration of water quality, in fact, it can save the cost of water treatment. In addition, field testing should be strengthened. If residual chlorine content is lower than the national standard, disinfectants should be put in time.

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