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Conditions for good quality swimming pool water treatment equipment
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1. The purification function of swimming pool water treatment equipment should be based on the purification requirement of swimming load reaching its peak. In order to continue the normal operation of swimming pools, each swimming pool should be designed to operate at the same time with two or more filters. Its advantage is that when a filter fails to repair, another filter can continue to work by increasing the filtering speed, so as not to stop the use of swimming pools and avoid causing losses to operators.

2. If the equipment of swimming pool water treatment works discontinuously, it will not only cause the pool water purification not to be guaranteed when it is out of service, but also accumulate the polluted particles in the pool water, which will deteriorate the water quality. Moreover, the residual impurities in the filter bed are easy to solidify and affect the filtering effect. Continuous operation for 24 hours can overcome this disadvantage. Of course, in order to save energy, filtering speed can be reduced at night. However, during normal operation in the daytime, it should also be noted that the filtration rate should increase slowly, because sudden increase of the filtration rate will cause the retained impurities in the sand layer to be washed into the pond.

3. The effluent quality of swimming pool water treatment equipment should meet the relevant national standards. At the same time, the filters of different swimming pools should be set separately, which is conducive to system management and maintenance, and can not affect each other.

4. Vertical pressure swimming pool filter is conducive to uniform distribution of water flow and easy operation, but when the diameter is too large, transportation is inconvenient, and it will also cause building height increase, which is uneconomical.

5. The gravity pool filter equipment is generally lower than the surface of the pool. For the downstream water circulation pipeline system, once the power failure may cause overflow and inundation of the engine room and other accidents. At the same time, because of its connection with the atmosphere, if it is used in warm water swimming pools, the heat loss will be greater, which should be paid attention to.

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