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Disinfection of swimming pool with sodium hypochlorite
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1. The dosage (calculated by available chlorine) should be designed as 1-3 mg/L, and the dosage should be adjusted automatically or manually according to the residual chlorine in the pond water.

The concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution should be 1-3 mg/L when wet dosage is used.

3. The feeding position should be determined according to the automation degree of the pond water circulating purification system.

1) Negative pressure should be used in pressure feeding. After adding the filter, it is sent to the circulating water supply pipeline of swimming pool or water amusement pool, and the sodium hypochlorite is fully mixed with the circulating water.

2) When the gravity type is put in, it should be put in the suction pipe of the circulating water pump.

4 The following requirements shall be met when the finished sodium hypochlorite solution is used:

1) Transport and storage should be avoided light, and storage time should not exceed 5 days.

2) The dosage should consider the effect of light and heat to reduce the content of available chlorine in the solution.

5. Pool water pH monitoring device should be set up, and hydrochloric acid should be added in time according to the data to keep the pH value of the pool water in line with the requirements.

6 When preparing sodium hypochlorite on site, the following requirements shall be met:

1) The equipment for preparing sodium hypochlorite solution should be efficient and contain available chlorine stably.

2) No less than 2 equipment should be used to prepare sodium hypochlorite solution.

3) The room equipped with sodium hypochlorite solution should be well ventilated and equipped with fire and explosion-proof safety facilities.

4) The hydrogen pipe of the equipment for producing sodium hypochlorite solution should be directed outdoors.
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