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Differences between Assembled Pool, Dismantled Pool and Traditional Pool
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The differences between assembled swimming pool, disassembled swimming pool and traditional swimming pool are mainly manifested in the structure of the pool.
The commonly used assembled swimming pool is also called detachable swimming pool. It is a new type of swimming pool, which is composed of galvanized steel, bracket and special plastic film for swimming pool. It can be disassembled, installed and maintained easily. Removable steel fencing swimming pool has relatively small investment, simple site requirements, convenient installation, complete functions, and can be formulated according to user requirements of swimming pool specifications. It is widely used in gymnasium swimming pool, gymnasium swimming pool, teaching swimming pool, villa swimming pool and other projects.
Traditional swimming pools are concrete pools, which can not be reused.

Assembled swimming pools also have the following advantages:
1. Prefabricated in the factory, convenient and fast installation site, installation period is only 1/4 of the traditional swimming pool (according to the installation drawings, two workers can be installed, without the use of heavy machinery).
2. Keep the site clean, tidy and orderly during the construction process, and it will not affect the surrounding environment and the life of users.
3. Light weight, suitable for many special environments (roof pool, underground pool and many additional projects without reserved pool functions).
4. Reusable and reusable, perfectly solved the shortcomings of traditional swimming pools that can not be removed and reused. According to the needs of users, swimming pool components can be easily dismantled, and then re-selected the appropriate location for installation, without affecting the use function, and in line with the current world''''s environmental protection and conservation slogan.
5. The appearance is exquisite and fashionable. All the components are processed with galvanized steel, so that the swimming pool not only meets the functional requirements, but also can be well built into a set of exquisite architectural products, which is the combination of architectural art and use functions, and is recognized and loved by users.

The shortcomings of traditional swimming pools are as follows:
1. The whole construction process needs to be completed on site. The construction process is complex, requiring many processes such as laying reinforcing steel bar, formwork installation, concrete pouring and so on. The construction period is long, and heavy machinery is needed.
2. Due to the influence of construction process, the construction site will inevitably be polluted during the construction process, which will have a great impact on the surrounding environment and the life of users.
3. Material is of great importance, and its use in many special environments is limited. It is impossible to construct many additional projects such as roof swimming pool.
4. The swimming pool constructed with this structure will not be reused once it has to be demolished, and the materials used will be wasted. Moreover, it is very difficult to demolish the pool. It needs to be completed by heavy machinery, which will cause secondary pollution, which is not conducive to environmental protection and economy.
5. Appearance depends on the second decoration to achieve aesthetic effect, and will increase the construction period and investment, so that users spend money, unable to break through the constraints of traditional ways.
6. Influenced by the product structure, many advanced swimming pool equipment and products can not be easily applied to it, and can not continuously improve the swimming pool system.

Are assembled pools the same as assembled pools?
There are three structural forms of assembled swimming pool: Trident structure, frame structure and self-balancing structure.
Assembled swimming pool is a brand-new swimming pool system based on the concept of industrialization. It uses the industrialization concept of "standardized design and large-scale production" and instead uses large-scale machines to make standard components.
At the beginning of the construction, it has to go through the industrialized design process. All the accessories are manufactured in the factory. Only a small amount of installation work is needed on the spot. The quality of the swimming pool is no longer affected by the personal skills of the construction workers.

What are the types of swimming pools?
1. Competition Standard Swimming Pool: Places for regular swimming competitions generally use swimming pool brick specifications: 240x115mm, the standard swimming pool for competition, the standard length of large pool is 50m*25m wide, and the length and width of small pool are determined according to different needs, generally 25x12m. The swimming pool is 21 meters or 25 meters wide. The depth from the water surface to the bottom of the pool should be more than 2 meters. The standard swimming pool consists of eight lanes separated by seven buoy lines, each of which is 2.50 meters wide.
2. Common swimming pools: The size, shape and venue of common swimming pools are not limited, because the material selection and design are more free, so the styles are different. According to different uses, it can be divided into:
1. Community swimming pool: Nowadays, many large buildings or communities will equip swimming pools for merchants to improve the attractiveness of the community. Choosing a New Type of Waterproof Decorative Film for Swimming Pool
2. School swimming pool: schools with better general conditions will equip students with a standard swimming pool. It can be used by teachers and students who like swimming. Most of these pools are 240x115mm in size.
3. Private swimming pools: Private swimming pools usually use colors and specifications with rich film mosaics. According to the tastes of different customers, different swimming pool mosaics (divided into monochrome and mixed color) are selected.
4. Hotel swimming pool: Generally, a more advanced hotel will equip passengers with a recreational swimming pool. A better swimming pool in the hotel will attract more visitors.
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