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Structure and Working Principle of Dismountable Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment
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Why do disassembled swimming pools need water treatment equipment? Its main purpose is to remove suspended solids in swimming pool water using filter equipment, so that the disassembly of swimming pool water to maintain clarity.

Dismantling and assembling swimming pool water treatment equipment structure is composed of handle, water inlet interface, water outlet interface, sewage discharge interface, pressure gauge, water mirror and so on. It is generally made of FRP and has the characteristics of deformation resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. When a proper amount of quartz sand is put into the equipment, when the water flows through the filter bed of the sand cylinder, the dirt and organic matter in the water are intercepted by the filter bed, and the water is filtered. The more things the filter bed retains, the clearer the water filtered by the sand cylinder, and the higher the efficiency of the sand cylinder. However, when the sand cylinder works to a certain extent, it is necessary to regularly backwash and sewage, because too much stain in the sand cylinder is also to be cleaned up, otherwise it will affect the subsequent filtering effect.

Points for Attention in Production of Dismountable Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment
1. Parallel tolerance between outlet flume and filter plate is not more than 2 mm. The material of the filter cap is nylon, followed by ABS. Because of the filter material added on the upper part, the extrusion load of the filter cap is very large, and the strength is required to be high to avoid deformation. Elastic rubber pads should be added to the contact surface (upper and lower surfaces) between the filter cap and the filter plate.
2. The level and unevenness of the filter plate are less than & plusmn; 1.5 mm. The structure of filter plate is optimized by integral processing. When the diameter of the cylinder is large, or restricted by raw materials, transportation and other aspects, it can also be formed by two-piece splicing.
3. The radial error of the through hole machined on the filter plate is - plusmn; 1.5 mm. The increase of the matching size between the guide rod of the filter cap and the through hole of the filter plate is not conducive to the installation or fixing of the filter cap. Mechanical equipment must be used in the processing of through holes.

4. Reasonable treatment of the joint parts of the filter plate and the cylinder is particularly important for air backwashing.

As time goes on, we will find that the precision of filtered water of disassembled swimming pool water treatment equipment is not so obvious. Why? It is generally recommended to thoroughly clean the bathtub once or twice a year in half a year or a year to ensure the clarification effect of the bathtub water filtration.

The reason is that after a period of use, too much dirt will hinder the flow of water, and the filtering effect will be weakened. Therefore, the equipment should be cleaned at regular intervals, which is what we usually call backwashing. Controlling the position of the switch makes the water flow in the opposite direction. The water flow flows upward from the bottom of the sand cylinder and back through the sand layer. The previously collected dirt and residue are washed up and discharged from the sewage outlet. After each backwash, the control switch position should be turned on, the pump should be turned on for 0.5 to 1 minute and then closed. After that, the disassembled swimming pool water treatment equipment can start normal filtration again.

Swimming pool sewage switch is mainly used with sand tank backwashing. The normal operation of swimming pool requires at least 6-8 hours of circulating filtration system to filter out the small dirt in the pool water in time. For a long time, many dirt accumulated in the sand tank should be backwashed every other time and the sewage switch should be turned on.

Maintenance of water treatment equipment in disassembled swimming pool:
Multidirectional valves on filters are absolutely not allowed to operate under pressure. They must be operated without pressure during shutdown.
Multidirectional valves must be switched in place during operation.
When the resistance of the sand cylinder increases to a certain extent, backwashing must be carried out.

Other matters needing attention for water treatment equipment of disassembled swimming pool:
1. All kinds of swimming pool disinfectants should not be stored in the machine room. Because of their serious corrosiveness, it is difficult to breathe and rust the metal surface. Moisture-proof measures should be taken to store them in the special room.
2. Before or after the start of the swimming season every year, the whole water treatment system should be thoroughly cleaned, maintained and maintained. If the technical level is insufficient, the company can contact the professional water treatment company and entrust the disassembly swimming pool equipment supplier with the overall maintenance.
3. The engine room should be well ventilated, well illuminated, well drained, long-term dry, and the automatic submersible pump in the engine room should be kept in normal open state; (24 hours)
4. When operating equipment, caution should be exercised, and various operating rules should be observed. When operating the valve, the action should be slow to prevent the occurrence of water clocks and thereby damage the valve, pipeline or equipment.
5. The color of water in disassembly swimming pool can not be changed only by adding algaecide copper sulfate, but also by continuously treating water (if there is no algae, it should be kept as clear as possible).

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