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The Latest Analysis of Infinite Swimming Pool
Release time:2019-4-1   Source of the article:   
Recently, I contacted many friends to consult: What is the concept of infinite swimming pool? What is the difference between infinite swimming pool and civil pool? Here is a detailed explanation of the difference between them.

To sum up the above considerations, the latest analytical results of the integrated infinite swimming pool are as follows:

The most standard definition is that the functions of traditional swimming pools (such as massage, constant temperature, filtering, antivirus, lighting,) plus modern intelligent technology (such as smart panel control, WIFI remote operation, audio TV, etc.) are redesigned and integrated into one swimming pool equipment.

This multi-purpose swimming pool, which is the size of a bed, can be found at home. It feels like a 50-meter standard swimming track and can be used for treadmill while never swimming.
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