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What should I do if the massage bathtub is blocked?
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There is a massage bathtub at home. When you come home from work, you can put in a warm water and soak a petal bath beautifully. That''s a comfortable one. But what if the sewer of the massage bathtub is blocked? Are soft girls in trouble? Don''t worry, today I''ll give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the jam in the sewer of the massage bath, as well as the proven dredging techniques.


1. The main reasons for blockage of massage bathtub:
1. Hair usually causes blockage of floor drain.
2. Hard objects can also easily lead to sewer blockage.
3. Sewerage due to improper decoration.
2. How to dredge the sewer of massage bathtub:
1. Because there is a cover at the sewer in the massage bathtub, it can only be dredged from the floor drain. Buy a hand-operated spiral steel wire and push it down while shaking from the floor drain until the hand feels foreign body. Then gently shake it up and pull it out. The blocked hair and other dirt will rotate on the spiral steel wire and take it out.
2. Put caustic soda into the mouth of the sewer and pour boiling water into it.
3. Can use thick rattan, rattan head nail 10 mouths 8 inches long iron nails, while stretching into the side to whirl and agitate, to stir up the debris, then pour in with concentrated alkali solution, and then push the rattan out, the operation will be dredged many times.
4. If none of the above methods works, we need the help of Bigore''s professionals.

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