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SPA Pool and Massage Bath
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In China, many people confuse SPA spa pool with massage bathtub, and can''''''''t tell the difference between them. In fact, the appearance of SPA spa pool and massage bathtub looks the same, but there is a clear definition and difference between them. SPA spa pool is more professional, functional, applicable and effective than massage bathtub. Of course, the price varies greatly.

SPA spa pool is the most advanced professional spa equipment imported from abroad in recent years. It achieves the physical effect of relaxing body and mind by carefully designing and balancing the pressure, temperature and buoyancy of water. SPA spa pool is used for physiotherapy, relaxation and leisure products, not for bathing, and after showering thoroughly, it can enter SPA spa pool. And the massage bathtub is a sanitary ware. It adds massage function to the ordinary bathtub and can be used for bathing. It is a sanitary ware.
SPA spa pool can be used in toilet, sunshine room, basement, swimming pool, villa courtyard and other leisure places. Massage bathtub is only used for bathroom matching.

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